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Presentation Skills Training - Half-Day (6 Persons Max)

The thought of standing up in front of a crowd of people fills many with dread and anxiety. This course will help build confidence and prepare your staff to give effective presentations. The course involves self reflection through being filmed and offers core skills on everything from what to wear to fielding questions and voice projecting. It is interactive and your staff will come away with increased confidence and tools to be prepared.

ProjectProject Management (Nepal) - The Essentials - 2 days (12 Persons Max)

Are you looking for a quick and effective way to get your team familiar with project management? Our 2 day intensive project management simulation uses the Project Manangement Institute (PMI) and Project Management Body of Knowledge methodology as a framework for learning. We create a scenario where they are tested on their application of PMI learning. We guide the team through the exercise, giving them real life challenges and promoting active learning and problem solving to develop skills in 5 process areas; Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing.

LilyWritten Communications Training - Full-Day (6 Persons Max)

Does your team struggle with structuring reports and proposals? Do reports often contain inadequate, poorly phrased or unnecessary information? Our written communication course can help. We use methods such as the Minto Pyramid Principle for helping with structure and have interactive sessions to highlight to good and bad of report writing. The course will give your team the essentials needed for improved report writing.

LilyProposal Writing - Full day (12 Persons Max)

Writing proposals is complex and time consuming. It is also an essential activity for many NGOs in order to maintain a pipeline of funding. Our customised proposal writing management course leads your team through the basic process - from inception of the proposal idea to final checks and sign off. At each step, we will review and discuss examples from a number of different major donors. This course is appropriate for those with some experience looking to hone their skills and consider best practice as well as newcomers to proposal development.


Event Organisation - Half-day (10 Persons Max)

Do you find event planning stressful, complicated, and time consuming? Do you sometimes feel as though your events do not meet their objectives? Whether you are planning internal events for your organisation, or external events for clients, partners or other stakeholders, this interactive course will offer a practical toolkit covering the following areas. 

LilyHow to create a successful newsletter for your business - Half-day (20 Persons Max)

Ever wonder what sets a good newsletter apart from a bad one? This course will help you plan, design and write newsletters that your customers will look forward to receiving. When properly made, newsletters can help create loyal customers, sales leads, and contribute to the overall success of any business. You will also learn how to measure on your newsletters to keep improving them.



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