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LilyProposal Writing - Full day (12 Persons Max)

Writing proposals is complex and time consuming. It is also an essential activity for many NGOs in order to maintain a pipeline of funding. Our customised proposal writing management course leads your team through the basic process - from inception of the proposal idea to final checks and sign off. At each step, we will review and discuss examples from a number of different major donors. This course is appropriate for those with some experience looking to hone their skills and consider best practice as well as newcomers to proposal development.


During the course, we will use real scenarios to cover:

- What makes an idea great?

- Proposal fundamentals

- Getting started

- Conducting relevant research: what do you need to know?

- Developing a strategic approach

- Working out a budget

- Write, review, and wrap-up


Lead Trainers:

Kathleen Flower

Maria Ahmed




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