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Presentation Skills Training - Half-Day (6 Persons Max)

The thought of standing up in front of a crowd of people fills many with dread and anxiety. This course will help build confidence and prepare your staff to give effective presentations. The course involves self reflection through being filmed and offers core skills on everything from what to wear to fielding questions and voice projecting. It is interactive and your staff will come away with increased confidence and tools to be prepared.

During the half day the following areas are covered:

  • Pre-course questionnaire and preparation for presentation
  • Introduction and filming of round 1 presentations
  • Investigate (audience, objective, venue, requirements)
  • Structure (Minto pyramid, tools and tips)
  • Performance (Appearance, voice, body language, Q&A)
  • Round 2 filming and corrections

Lead Trainers:

Nicola Weir

Karen Larsen

Morven Sant'ana Afonso

Daniel Nuss




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