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NituNita Bhave - Data and Communications Professional This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nita has ten years of experience in data applications and analysis in the transportation planning field. She worked with travel demand models forecasting traffic patterns in North Carolina, USA, honing analytical skills including geographic information systems, mathematical manipulations, and statistical analyses. Another area of expertise Nita offers is within communication, specifically concise and effective writing, editing and proofreading, program coordination and software and skills training. Her background in Industrial Engineering and Urban Planning and knack for communication provide a distinct set of skills

Professional Skills:

  • Analytical – GIS, mathematical manipulations, operations research, statistical analyses, decision-making techniques, organization and logic
  • Communication – Writing, editing, proofreading, coordination, compilation, training
  • Computer – Proficient in ArcGIS and all MS Office Applications
  • Languages – Capable Nepali speaker and basic knowledge of Spanish