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Sun-Kyung holds a Master’s at Laws and has worked for the past ten years as Legal Counsel for the Canadian federal Government. She also worked for UN Agencies and donor Governments in Mali and in Mozambique. As a lawyer, she has a good knowledge of, and work experience in, human rights and women and children’s rights in Africa, as well as many years of practice in corporate law, public law, and public financial management issues. Moreover, she has a diversified background as a project manager, a business development agent, and a professional teacher. 

She is currently a consultant in Mozambique, supporting the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and other donors in the revision of the legal instruments pertaining to a multi-donor program support. Recently, she drafted a country report on individual labour conflict prevention and resolution in Mozambique for the International Labour Organization.

Professional Skills: 

Legal expertise: Drafting of contracts, grant agreements, treaties, and MoUs; legal opinions on a broad range of topics (international criminal law, labour law, public law, corporate and commercial law, intellectual property); analysis of testimonies; litigation. 

Research skills: Legal research; qualitative research methods. 

Project management skills: Team management; negotiation with stakeholders; coordination of partners and CSOs.

Communications and capacity building skills: Facilitated negotiations among donors. Supported women's groups in Mali in their application for UN funding. Taught as a professional teacher to adults and high school students. Prepared witnesses for Court hearing. Developed strategies to reach out to potential new business partners.

Language skills: Fluent in English, French, German, Korean; good working knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish.

Previous Clients:

Mozambique: High Commission of Canada

Canada: Department of Justice Canada

Mali:UN Women

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.